About Procell

Introducing Procell Therapies, the most advanced non-invasive skin and body treatment available. Powered by the science of microchanneling coupled with advanced stem growth factor and cytokine technology, Procell Therapy treatments are designed to repair tissue damage associated with aging, scarring, hyperpigmentation as well as repairing tissue damage that contributes to loose, hanging or crepey skin.

The Procell device works by creating tiny perforations in the surface of the skin to initiate the body’s natural healing response. This mimics the effects of exercise on the muscles but works instead on the inner layers of the skin. These perforations stimulate the cells known as keratinocytes to activate the collagen producing fibroblasts. These fibroblasts then produce healthy, new collagen and elastin fibers to repair damage and plump the skin.

Once the collagen and elastin production has been stimulated, a reparative stem cell and cytokine serum derived from human bone marrow is applied to the skin and sinks into the perforations created by the Procell device. These stem cells and cytokines work to further stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for more rapid natural healing as well as providing an instant plumping result to supplement as your body naturally repairs itself over time.

Service Scheduling + Aftercare

While the serums do provide an instant plumping effect, long-term results require repeat therapy. For mild concerns, 4 sessions is recommended while more advanced concerns may require 6 sessions. For the most effective results, we recommend pairing Procell Therapy with our Power Peel. This will further stimulate collagen production as well as working on surface layer damage. Power Peels should be scheduled 2 weeks prior to every Procell Therapy session.

The Procell home serum set is also highly recommended for maximum results to help maintain and enhance the results received from individual and progressive Procell Therapy treatments. This two step serum delivers the same active ingredients as the version used during the Procell treatment. By following regular usage guidelines, the serums will help to further stimulate new collagen and elastin production while also prolonging the instant plumping effect.

After treatment, nothing topical other than the homecare serums should be applied for a minimum of 90 minutes as the perforations will remain open for those 90 minutes meaning anything applied topically will have a rapid rate of absorption. Skin thickness, sensitivity, and age of the patient will affect healing time. Immediately following the procedure some guests may experience a slight tightness similar to the tightness associated with mild sun-exposure as well as a soft flushed glow to the skin that will diminish over the following few hours.

Procell Session Menu

Each session covers one area (face and neck, decollate, belly, hips etc.). For concerns over multiple areas, ask your therapist about creating a comprehensive treatment plan customized for your needs.

Due to the progressive nature of Procell Therapy and the Power Peel, pricing is broken down based on the number of sessions received. Each Procell Therapy session should be booked within 5 weeks of the last Procell Therapy session while Power Peels scheduled 2 weeks prior to any Procell Therapy session. Procell Therapy sessions and Power Peels scheduled more than 5 weeks apart will be priced at the single session price.

Procell Sessions:

Session 1 – $275
Session 2 – $250
Session 3 – $225
Session 4 – $200
Session 5 – $175
Session 6 – $150

Powerpeel Sessions:

Session 1 – $95
Session 2 – $85
Session 3 – $75
Session 4 – $65
Session 5 – $55
Session 6 – $45